13 October 2013:

Antiques Roadshow – price and value?

Antiques Roadshow visits the Royal Marines Museum

Antiques Roadshow visits the Royal Marines Museum

After two very busy weeks at the Royal Marines Museum members of staff are starting to recover.

Last week, at the end of a long, but successful, days filming, the Museum had an object from the collections valued on Antiques Roadshow.

This silver presentation piece to former Royal Marine, Lt Col William Wood, was from the 36th Middlesex Paddington Volunteer Rifle Corps, that he went on to lead after retirement from the Marines. It takes the form of a rifle range in a wooded copse.

An unusual scene it caught the eye of the Antiques Roadshow silver expert, Ian Pickford, and keen to find out more about the maker, we agreed to have it examined outside the Museum. This is probably the first time this piece has been in the open air for well over a hundred years!