25 November 2015:

Autumn Statement announces funding for Royal Marines Museum

An artists impression of how the new Royal Marines Museum could look

Verbatim from the Right Honourable George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer:

“We’ll renovate our military museums – from the Royal Marines and D-Day Museums in Portsmouth, to the National Army Museum, to Hooton Park aerodrome, and the former HQ of RAF Fighter Command at Bentley Priory."


Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General, National Museum of the Royal Navy.

We are absolutely delighted that as part of today’s (Wednesday 25th November) Autumn Statement, The National Museum of the Royal Navy’s Portsmouth-based Royal Marines Museum has received £2 million from the LIBOR support for military-related charities.


The mission of the National Museum of the Royal Navy is to be a beacon of excellence in enabling people to learn, enjoy and engage with the story of the Royal Navy and understand its impact in shaping the modern world.


Our Royal Marines Museum SeaMore project aims to achieve this by moving the Royal Marines Museum into the well-visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard placing it at the heart of naval heritage alongside other treasures such as HMS Victory. We currently only show about 25% of our collection. A new museum will enable us to tell the personal stories of service, bravery, sacrifice and team spirit that epitomise the Royal Marines Corps and reach a much wider audience. We would also like to congratulate the D-Day Museum on their funding towards their project to become the international centre of excellence for D-Day.


This announcement is a great start for the SeaMore campaign but we  need more support to achieve our aim. We'll be announcing details of how to donate soon.