17 March 2014:

A student's archive experience

As a History and Politics student volunteering in the Royal Marines Museum for Amy Hurst (Curator of Archives), I have learned a lot in my short time here.

Even with my leisurely (but productive) one day a week schedule I have already experienced foxing (browning spots on pages), Adlib (archiving software), the maze of the museum, and of course tea breaks!

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14 February 2014:

Valentine's Day: a true love story

One truly amazing story of love is captured in the Second World War collection of letters from Lt Douglas Payne to his future wife Eileen Crutchley.

This collection of about 350 letters spans a five year period from 1941-1946, and encapsulates all the heartache, difficultly, optimism and hope of a long distance relationship attempting to survive the test of war. It begins slowly with the obvious uncertainty of how to maintain a long distance relationship, quickly coming to a head within 8 months:

To My Darling Eileen,

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