Secondary schools


First World War Western Front

This session tells the tales of two Royal Marines who took part in the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917 to show life on the Western Front.

D Day

Ship's gunners, landing craft coxswains and Commandos all played a vital part in the Normandy landings of June 1944. This session explores the very different experiences of Royal Marines in these roles, giving a very personal account of this momentous operation.


Suitable for between 8-24 students. This session is designed for Music students. In conjunction with the Royal Marines Band Service this session takes students on a journey through training and on to a virtual rehearsal and performance with the Royal Marines School of Music Band. This state of the art lesson uses iPads to give students a unique experience where they gain knowledge and information through interaction rather than presentation.

A troubled time: Northern Ireland

Royal Marines completed many tours of Northern Ireland. This session illuminates the experiences of ordinary people as well as soldiers. In comprehending the complexity of the situation, the group will begin to understand why it is still in the news today.


Physical Fitness is a key attribute for Royal Marines. This physical session takes your group through a Royal Marines style fitness session, culminating in taking on our Assault Course. The difficulty is tailored to the ability of the group, with an emphasis on success and overcoming the challenge.

We are also happy to work in consultation with teachers to tailor sessions to meet teacher's needs. For example we have run sessions on science, citizenship and other topics. Please get in touch to discuss this option further.