Research and collections

Research and collections

Personal stories of wars, battles and events of great significance make the history of the Royal Marines come to life. The Curators at the Museum collect and display contemporary material so that the story of our history is told up to the present day, allowing visitors to appreciate the extraordinary acts of heroism and bravery of Royal Marines deployed around the world today.

Research and collections

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The collections held by the Royal Marines Museum depicts the history of the Royal Marines from 1664 to the present day through a unique collection of artefacts, pictures and documents. One of the most outstanding parts of the collection is the medal collection consisting of over 8000 items including gallantry, campaign and foreign awards.

The paintings collection is also notable and can be viewed online through ArtUK. Most of the Museum’s collections have been generously donated by the public or serving and former Royal Marines creating a strong emphasis on individuals and their stories. The collection is also strong in contemporary material which reflects the extraordinary acts of heroism and bravery of Royal Marines deployed around the world today.

As the current Museum site closes to the public, the Collections Management teams will be hard at work behind the scenes conserving the wonderful collections and getting them ready for future display in the new Museum. This is being developed through the SeaMore project, along with a new ‘Centre for Discovery’ where collections from across the whole of the NMRN will be made available, both physically and digitally. This initiative will allow a much greater proportion of these collections to be displayed, and made accessible by other methods, such as online or through new digital facilities, than is possible at the current Museum location. For more information on the development of the project, and to find out more on the work being done behind the scenes on the collections, click here