Corps Family

The Serving Corps

75% of the Royal Marines will be deployed on operations over the next 18 months - if the rest of the Corps Family needed a reason to raise funds for the RMCTF then this is it!

The Retired Corps

The Royal Marines Association raised over £300K in 2009 and intends to exceed that this year. Using its 90 branches it will be running a National Flag Day in 2011.

Royal Marines Band Service

The Royal Marines Band Service are putting on Mountbatten Festival of Music and the South Coast Proms in 2010 while planning a celebrity CD – all will contribute to the RMCTF.

The Royal Marines Charity

We are the Royal Marines’ own charity and our mission is to support Royal Marines and their families through life.

Commando 999

Commando 999 consists of close to 1000 former Royal Marines who are now either still serving or retired members of the UK Emergency Services. Their mission is to raise funds for the RMCTF in order to support Royal Marines or their families from cradle to grave.

Royal Marines Association Concert Band

A concert band based around retired members of the Royal Marines Band Service to meet, rehearse and put on concerts across the south of England.

Royal Marines Cadets

The Royal Marines cadet community aims to provide opportunities for young people to develop into responsible, dependable members of society. Spread throughout the country they also support the fund raising efforts of all the above!

Globe and Laurel Magazine

Every two months the Globe & Laurel Journal, in full colour, distribute over 13,000 copies world-wide, to keep past, present and future Royal Marines up to date with what is happening in today's Corps.