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Museum Galleries now closed

The museum will remain open for its corporate (conferences and weddings) and curatorial functions and its associated organisations will continue to operate from the museum.  

The sea front car park and the Royal Marines Memorial Gardens will remain open to the public.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the closure:

Why is the museum closing? 

The decision to close is part of the development plan following the awarding, in 2016, of £13.85m from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the SeaMore project. This will allow for the much-needed move of the Royal Marines Museum to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 

The SeaMore project is now starting development work on the new galleries which will show the Royal Marines story in a new and different way, displaying around 30% more than the present museum.  

What will happen to the building/grounds after the galleries close? 

The Museum will continue to operate as a venue until at least the end of 2018. The Heritage team will be utilising all internal spaces, gallery areas and stores to undertake critical collection care on the collections to ensure that they can be transferred as a key part of the SeaMore project.

What will the building become once it’s sold?

This has yet to be determined and there are no set plans to influence or steer any potential interested parties.

When will we find out about the result of the Yomper consultation? 

Consultation regarding the Yomper statue closed at the end of February. Results will be released in the coming weeks. 

Can I book a private gallery tour/will there be a temporary exhibition space?

It is planned that the popular exhibit ‘The making of a Royal Marine Commando” will be moved into Action Stations together with details of the SeaMore project. It is also feasible that a recent acquisitions case could be situated within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 

I am a friend of RMM, what will happen to my membership?

This is currently still under review, however the Royal Marines Museum greatly appreciates its members and want to continue with the fantastic support they provide. They are integral to the Royal Marines Museum and we are working on how we can still keep this important relationship flowing. 

What will happen to the artefacts that have been donated during the move of the museum?

The Royal Marines Museum is closing the galleries to the public to enable the staff to prepare the collections held by the Museum for the new SeaMore project. This will dramatically increase the accessibility of these collections for members of the public and those people and families that have donated material. 


Collingwood Band raising funds for SeaMore

2nd May 2017

The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Band Collingwood are taking part in the HMS Collingwood 500 mile challenge in aid of our SeaMore appeal.
The aim of the challenge is to complete 500 miles by either running, cycling, swimming, rowing or using a cross trainer, and must be completed between the 18 April 2017 - 31 July 2017.

Wish them well and support them here.